Best Job Experience Ever

A Position Of Trust And Confidence

The best job experience I ever had … U.S.A.F. Officer serving as a B-52G Navigator. It was exciting and intense to say the least. Best of all were the very fine people with whom I had the pleasure of serving.

Five (A.M.) To Nine (P.M.)

This stock photo shows the navigators’ station on the lower deck, i.e. the ejection seats go down not up. The Radar Navigator on the left handles the gravity bombs. The Navigator on the right handles the missiles. In addition to navigating within very tight position and timing constraints, the Navigator is the “mission director” responsible for pacing the entire crew during 12 to 18 hour missions. Though the missions are long, the Navigator is very busy from the time the aircraft crosses the “hold line” onto the runway until landing. The required discipline and tenacity is, by far, the most valuable experience in my entire working career.

Best Job Experience Ever
Best Job Experience Ever

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FRB_SR Database

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FRB_SR . . . All Federal Reserve Bank Statistical Data in One Place!

A great source of historical, research, and test data, the FRB_SR database consolidates the statistical releases published by the Federal Reserve Bank.  There are

  • 13 statistical releases
  • 35 Datasets
  • Over 15,000 Series
  • Over 8.7 million data points . . . going back to 31 Jan 1919!

No more manual downloads and processing XML files . . . FRB_SR is a fully functional database . . . the data are ready for use; the pic on this ad shows the data structure.


Bank Assets & Liabilities
–Aggregate Reserves of Depository Institution and the Monetary Base (H.3)
–Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the U.S. (H.8)
–Charge-off and Delinquency Rates
–Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices

Business Finance
–Commercial Paper
–Finance Companies (G.20)

Exchange Rates and International Data
–Foreign Exchange Rates (G.5 / H.10)

Flow of Funds Accounts
–Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States (Z.1)

Household Finance
–Consumer Credit (G.19)*
–Finance Companies (G.20)
–Household Debt Service and Financial Obligations Ratios (FOR)

Industrial Activity
–Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization (G.17)*

Interest Rates
–Selected Interest Rates (H.15)

Money Stock and Reserve Balances
–Aggregate Reserves of Depository Institution and the Monetary Base (H.3)
–Factors Affecting Reserve Balances (H.4.1)*

*Principal Economic Indicators

Data are current daily within 2 hours of release by the Federal Reserve Bank.
FRB_SR (data schema and structures) is the original work of, and is owned and copyrighted by the author.  Distribution and use of FRB_SR is under license; the author reserves all rights.  FRB_SR is expressly NOT in the public domain and remains the sole property of the copyright owner.  Distribution or modification of FRB_SR without the knowledge, review, and express permission of the copyright owner is strictly prohibited.  The Federal Reserve Bank statistical releases are public information.

Why pay for FREE DATA?! If you are a do-it-yourselfer or only need partial data, the data are freely available at the Federal Reserve Bank website.  The “Data Download” instructions are here.  Fee based custom development and support are available; please Contact Us.

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