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MacroTrenz Corp. Becomes a “Front Runner” With the Release of Its Latest
Federal Reserve Bank Statistical Data Solution

Jacksonville, FL — 6/6/2011 — MacroTrenz Corp. today announced it will launch a new application using the Windows Azure Platform. Federal Reserve Bank Statistical Data in combination with the Windows Azure platform helps enable customers to research and retrieve Federal Reserve Bank Statistics, Historical Data, Surveys, and Reports across the full set of over 100,000 “SERIES” reports and over 8.7 million data points. Such comprehensive functionality is provided by neither the Federal Reserve Bank nor other data services. The Windows Azure platform, Microsoft’s cloud services platform, provides MacroTrenz Corp. with the ability to build, manage, and deploy cloud based applications.

“Thru the technical and marketing support provided by the Front Runner program, we are excited to see the innovative solutions built on the Windows Azure platform by the ISV community,” said Doug Hauger, general manager for Windows Azure Microsoft Corp. “The companies who choose to be a part of the Front Runner program show initiative and technological advancement in their respective industries.”

Windows Azure platform provides greater choice, flexibility, and cost control in how we develop and deploy data-centric applications for our customers, both on-premises or in the cloud” said Geary M. McIver, President of MacroTrenz Corp.

MacroTrenz Corp. automates critical data processes such as Federal Reserve Bank Statistical Data which includes:

Bank Assets & Liabilities
–Aggregate Reserves of Depository Institution and the Monetary Base (H.3)
–Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the U.S. (H.8)
–Charge-off and Delinquency Rates
–Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices

Business Finance
–Commercial Paper
–Finance Companies (G.20)

Exchange Rates and International Data
–Foreign Exchange Rates (G.5 / H.10)

Flow of Funds Accounts
–Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States (Z.1)

Household Finance
–Consumer Credit (G.19)*
–Finance Companies (G.20)
–Household Debt Service and Financial Obligations Ratios (FOR)

Industrial Activity
–Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization (G.17)*

Interest Rates
–Selected Interest Rates (H.15)

Money Stock and Reserve Balances
–Aggregate Reserves of Depository Institution and the Monetary Base (H.3)
–Factors Affecting Reserve Balances (H.4.1)*

Data are current daily within 2 hours of release by the Federal Reserve Bank.

MacroTrenz Corp. data consulting services:

· SQL Server Database Audits

· SQL Server Database Conversions and Migrations

· SQL Server Database Tuning and Optimization

· SQL Server Database Reporting, Business Intelligence, and Analytics

More services information is available at our website.

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